“Hello, we are BT21!"
Meet Shooky, Koya, Mang, Cooky, Chimmy, RJ, and Tata, the cutest members of the Coréelle fam. Live your daily life with the members of BT21. From hair accessories to footwear, you are “Not Alone.”

BT21 (18)

BT21 Silicone Mirror 1ea

BT21 Flower Keychain 1ea

BT21 Flower Pattern Baseball Cap 1ea

BT21 Hair Band 1ea

BT21 Minini Monitor Figure

BT21 Minini Gel Pen

BT21 Minini Decorative Sticker 1 set

BT21 Flower Socks 2 pairs 1 set

BT21 Hair Pin (2pc)