Our Story

Delivering the Essence of K-beauty

Hello from the Coréelle team!

Founded in 2020, Coréelle started with the mission to deliver the essentials of K-Beauty to the world directly from Korea. For Coréelle, K-beauty goes beyond 10-step skincare routines; it's a contemporary blend of tradition and innovation, the investment of time and care for oneself, and the philosophy of tuning into one's good life. With twenty years of experience in the beauty industry, we identify authentic missions and honest brands with high-quality products. We strive to combine this approach and continuously reach people as a global e-commerce marketplace and enhance the experience of K-culture around the world.


We found ourselves repeatedly asking the same three questions:

→ Why are so many brands offering recycled values and narratives that don’t matter?

→ Why are so many brands releasing the same exact products year after year?

→ Why are so many cool concepts and innovations never making it out of Korea?

While looking to find the true answers to these questions for ourselves, Coréelle was born. Now, we invite you to join our journey.