Beauty without depth is just decoration. Inspired by classic literature and philosophy, Dinto believes that in order for beauty to fully manifest, it must have depth. With these values in mind, Dinto’s products have depth with their beautiful meanings and clean, vegan formulations.

Dinto (11)

Dante One by One Eye Pencil 1ea

Blur-Finish Shadow Palette 6g

Dante One by One Brow Definer 1ea

Blur-Finish All That Moments Blusher 5g

Wooncho Light-Veil Concealer 4.5g

Wooncho Blur Finish Foam Primer 30ml

Skin Deep Clean Beauty Daily Glow Toner Pad 180g

Dante One by One Lash Definer 1ea

Dante One by One Eye Definer 1ea