efil (“life” backwards) + ow (taken from “slow”).

Take it slow… Take life slow… Take beauty slow. That is the philosophy of efilow. efilow believes that beauty is not what others from the outside claim it to be, but rather an internal quest. Achieving authentic beauty might take longer or even shorter than expected, making the process an ambiguous journey of self-discovery.

efilow (9)

Silky Gardening Sheet Mask 1ea

Calming Mindfulness Sheet Mask 1ea

Hydrating Teaism Sheet Mask 1ea

Chaga Mushroom Biome Smoothing Ampoule 50ml

Jericho Rose Biome Hydrating Ampoule 50ml

Artichoke Biome Calming Ampoule 50ml

Heartleaf Biome Facial Soap 100g

Heartleaf Biome Balancing Toner 150ml

Heartleaf Biome Hydra-Calming Cream 70ml